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Owning a creperie wasn’t a dream of mine. I wanted crepes and couldn’t get them on Long Island. It was a simple pleasure I associated with being on vacation. In 2013, going on vacation wasn’t in the cards for us. Not while potty training, sleep training & dealing with the ‘terrible two’s’! And let’s be honest, living on LI with a family is expensive. Especially, with my Tend Coffee addiction! 

I could’ve returned to being a teacher, (I actually tried three times). I simply didn’t want to miss a thing with my children. So, I slowly began learning the art of making crepes & wanted to bring them to you too! I picked it up rather quickly. Perhaps I was motivated for a vacation? Nah, we needed a new roof & boiler in the same year! 

I started at street festivals & county fairs, but I didn’t “fit in” with the crowd. They wanted funnel cakes & fried Oreos. I knew there was a niche for me, but I wasn’t sure what it was (yet!) I spent an entire summer collaborating with vineyards along the North Fork Wine Trail  You guys loved this! Bedell Cellars called it, “Grapes & Crepes”. You slowly started asking if I could do your bridal & baby showers and be a part of your special events! I was flattered! 🥰 Then, The Knot NYC invited us to be their exclusive creperie at their NYC Gala. They designed the most beautiful cart for us to serve from and we started gaining momentum! We were ready to serve you, indoors & outdoors! Our A-Team grew! 

Our website was created! You were booking us every weekend (multiple events per day)! The production agencies were calling us in to serve their cast & crew, “Coffee & Crepes”! We got star struck every time we served a celebrity (it never got old)! 🤩 

Then, opportunity LITERALLY came knocking at my food truck door! Tanger Outlets Riverhead asked if I’d like to be a regular in their new outdoor pavilion. That’s when I knew exactly what this business was meant to be! A platform where I GET TO serve you our authentic crepes every weekend! It is incredible the amount of customers that make us their pit stop while on their East End Getaway!

Tina Paola, Founder of "Whole Le Crepe"

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